My Story

If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.” – Remy

“I simply adore cooking and the satisfaction I get on seeing the glee on  people’s face after devouring the food made by me is unparalleled.

All the recipes here, have been made umpteen times in my kitchen and  have been perfected over the years,

I believe the more I share the more smiles I bring to  the table and alongside help you in your culinary journey.”

I was watching Julie and Julia

… (Meryl Streep and Amy Adams) a story about 2 women and their love for cooking. Julia’s husband says “the only place where I can find my wife is if I sit in the kitchen”, in short that’s me. The other main character in the movie is Julie, who is learning to cook with the help of a book written by Julia and then she posts her cooking experiences online. That’s when the idea of starting a blog struck me. I eat, sleep, drink, walk, and talk food. I wake up thinking of it and sleep thinking about it. The only thing running through my head all day is what interesting dish can I whip up for the next meal and make each mealtime as interesting as possible. I cannot fathom my family having the same cuisine for 2 meals in a row or even repeating the same dish over a span of two days or as a matter of fact even in a week’s time. My family is just fine having the same cuisine for few days in a row, it is me who wants something different in each meal.

I am always on the lookout for new recipes and recreating dishes at home. Being a vegetarian makes it even more challenging and I find myself trying to make a vegetarian version of the non-veg counterpart wherever possible. So here I am writing to you for the first time with recipes gathered from everywhere with my own little twist and tweak added to it to make them my own.

My love for cooking started at a very young age of about 10, watching my neighbour- Shobha aunty dishing out scrumptious dishes from her kitchen. I used to sit on her kitchen slab and watch her cooking for hours together whilst chatting with her. During the 1990s there was no Google baba (as I call it) and the only way one could try new recipes was the good old fashioned way – if you ate at some ones house and liked it, you could ask the host for the recipe (if they happened to be generous enough, they would share it with you), recipes which had been passed down to you through generations, which you could access through your mom, who was a just phone call away or rummage your way through your collection of cook books. Lastly if you were a great cook go by your intution. Shobha aunty was one who cooked by her intuition, cookbooks and through recipes passed on through generations. Almost every day I would watch her cook and bake carefully in her tiny kitchen, and that’s when I started to dream of having my own kitchen and cooking delicious meals. That’s exactly when I realized my love for cooking and food.

This dream came true in 2011 when I had my very own kitchen, it was my sanctuary where I could cook anything and everything with beautiful ingredients without any intervention. Since it was 2011 and we all were blessed with Google, my tryst with cooking started, I ended up spending hours looking up for recipes over the internet, combining 2-3 recipes adding my own tweak to it to make it perfect to suit the taste buds of my family and me. Cooking is like meditation to me, it’s a stress buster and stress reliever. It is therapeutic. If I was treating people with anxiety disorders, I would just ask them to go and cook, such is the power of cooking. When you find me in a not so good mood, just ask me to cook and see my nerves calm down as I work my way through the kitchen and finally see happy smiles on people’s faces after eating the food cooked by me. I absolutely love love love cooking for people.

One of my favourite quotes

“The best people in the world are people who love to eat”

And I love to cook.

So here I am sharing with you all the recipes that I have come up with over the years and perfected through trial and error. My recipes are unique and simple and can be cooked with ease with all the ingredients being easily available. These recipes are simplicity at it best.